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01. Faalb - Well Wet

02. Salmz - Travel In The Far East

03. Mendelayev - Reflections

04. Cycom - Niagra

05. Fushara - Street Reality

06. Salmz - Sun Temple

07. Fushara - Lost Inside

08. Ghostwarrior - The Box

09. Snaper - Sick Tape

10. Anorganik - Streamed Marvel

11. Dissident - Fairytale

12. Format None - Lullaby

press release / introducing the artists

Each of us has our own personalised firewall, blocking threats, disturbances and undesirable offal. "Missing Pieces" is a compilation deserving to permeate one's guard. ICR chooses newcomers and established Misspent protagonists with equality, and whether it's Faalb's metre-switching "Well Wet", Mendelayev's nuanced and considered "Reflections", Fushara's tales from his concrete city, bustling kaleidoscopes of delight abound, quenching like a semi-skimmed cup over whole fat from the netlabel fraternity. Siphoned to perfection, it's a small display of Misspent's moreish qualities, which should be ranked high on your potentiometer upon consumption. ~ words by Muttley Subversion)

Gabor Deutsch is the true headmaster of the Hungarian electronic music scene (and beyond), producing, mixing, mastering engineering for over a decade. I'm fortunate to feature one of his unreleased d&b gems.
After remixing Sub on Misspent011, german Thomas Fleischer returns with his trademark funk-fuelled quirky beats. Plain production - in a good sense.
Saint Petersburg's most wanted producer has been on my recruiting list since day one. After so many prestigeous releases finally Stan's characteristic, wise sound has arrived to Misspent. Be sure to check his album with Fluter on his own label Opposide, his minimal/dub alterego Kontext and his forthcoming LP on Counter Intelligence.
The Hungarian son of Autechre and Plaid revisits the label with the best opening track I could imagine - beautiful composition, clever time-signature tricks. His remix treat on Salmz delivers his very own vision on dubstep.
Format None
Hailing from Vilnius, Lithuania, Format None is a newcomer dubstep, IDM artist to watch out for! His halfstep tune 'Lullaby' represents his deep, minimal yet musical style no better.
One of the most prolific producers I know, kept sending me tunes for years which lead to sign him first to this project. Both tunes are absolutely crazy and twisted out - just how we like it!
I'm proud to invoke Pete from the first Hungarian d&b label, Subscope. His unique, uncompromisingly dark and cinematic tracks are still highly respected by the oldschool heads.
Mikhail Kazanok is definitely not a newcomer. He has been making numerous experimental, IDM, breakcore and d&b projects since 2003. Shaping the the future sound of Russia, he's recently famed by Hospital label.
Latvian Salmz produces so many lush tunes that I must reckon. Besides two new d&b tracks, back to back remixes with Faalb makes complete the IDM ingredients of the album.
One of the most promising Hungarian newcomer break-maestros has already proven his precision of dark jazz fuelled drumworks with 12" on Alphacut and FOTO Records. If you think about early Source Direct and Photek sound, you're close.


track 01 - written and produced by Arnold Szoboszlay (Hungary)
track 02, 06 - written and produced by Girts Strals (Latvia)
track 03 - written and produced by Mikhail Kazanok (Russia)
track 04 - written and produced by Thomas Fleischer (Germany)
track 05, 07 - written and produced by Thushara Goonewardene (UK)
track 08 - written and produced by Peter Ivanyi (Hungary)
track 09 - written and produced by Gabor Kakuk (Hungary)
track 10 - written and produced by Gabor Deutsch (Hungary)
track 11 - written and produced by Stanislav Sevostyanihin (Russia)
track 12 - written and produced by Linas Maknys (Lithuania)

all tracks mastered by Macc (Robert Macciochi) at Subvert Central Mastering http://mastering.subvertcentral.com


please send your feedbacks / password enquiries to eatsayair@gmail.com